Looking for car air conditioning repair because you're feeling hot under the collar?

Unfortunately a car air conditioning repair may be needed more quickly than you think. Air conditioning systems can loose up to 15% of their refrigerant every year. This means that after just 6 years all the refrigerant can be gone! s

And that's just the start of your problems. Because without enough refrigerant the seals in the system will start to leak, meaning that 6 years can easily be 3 years. This is because the refrigerant has a built in lubricant that keeps the seals in good condition, preventing them leaking.

If you live in or near Burton upon Trent then DJC Motors  (01283 ) 540590 are the people to call for all your air conditioning repairs, servicing and checking.

As well as extending the life of your car's air conditioning system, you will get many more benefits with regular correct maintenance. Keeping you cool and comfortable during the summer months, improving visibility by aiding de-misiting of the windows in damp weather. Reducing the chances of allergic reactions from mould, fungus and bacteria build-up inside the system and financially better fuel economy. And we all want that!

Nowadays most manufacturers recommend servicing and recharging your system every 2 year

Annual Re Gas when system is working - From £35.00

This is by far the most common request we get. In addition to a re gas we also carry out a service comprising:

  • Visual inspection and performance test
  • Refrigerant recovery
  • Evacuate air and moisture from system
  • System leak check
  • Recharge with refrigerant and adding fresh oil as necessary

During your routine car service, DJC Motors will check and replace your car’s pollen filter in line with your manufacturer’s recommendation. Cavendish will regularly replace your car’s pollen filter. However blocked pollen filters are a common cause of poor demising and poor air flow inside the car. If you are unsure when your poll filter was last changed, then we would also recommend changing this with the re gas.

Pollen filter inspection and replacement with re-gas – From £55 

This is also an ideal time to revitalise your car’s interior with a full deodorising treatment and ant fungal treatment. These help remove lingering smells from tobacco, animals and people.(people). The treatment also kills bacteria and mould that can develop in the air conditioning system.

Deodorise and Anti-fungal treatment – From £20

When taken with any of our air conditioning services.

What happens when your air conditioning system does not work at all ?

When the air-conditioning gas is low, there is not enough for the system to run, so it won’t work. In this case you may be lucky and only need a re gas.

However when the refrigerant is low, this is often a sign that the system has developed a leak or a number of leaks. This can arise from a recent accident, failure in a component or corrosion

When this happens the leaks need to be identified and repaired before the system can be refilled with refrigerant. In this situation the system will need a special to be pressure tested to identify the leaks. Nitrogen pressure testing starts from £65.00sta

Nitrogen Pressure Testing - From £65.00

A car air con nitrogen pressure test allows us to simulate the pressures that normally occur when the air conditioning system is running, helping us to identify any potential leaks. With this information we can prepare a cost for repairing the air-conditioning system.

If you use DJC Motors to undertake the repairs, we will deduct 50% of the pressure testing cost from the final bill as a thank you for using our services.